About Us

About Us

Enterprise Culture

Talent is the first element of innovative research and development. How to strengthen the introduction and training of talents and how to build a talent highland has always been our core work.

At present, the company has established an experienced and high-quality R & D team, which is composed of more than a dozen R & D personnel of different specialties, such as polymer materials, mechanical design, water supply and drainage, with middle and senior technical elites gathered. In addition, the company has also hired a number of industry authorities as technical consultants to protect the steady development of the company.
Product quality is not the best, only better, customer satisfaction is our promise. We always take customer satisfaction as the center, continue to strengthen quality management, strive to catch up with the advanced level of international counterparts, and strive to build Hippo into a world-renowned injection molding inspection well production base, and make our due contribution to striving for the Chinese people's own international brand.

Enterprise culture


Enterprise mission: to contribute to the improvement of the living environment

Enterprise vision: to become a well-known brand of water supply and drainage system

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Marketing concept: sincerely create value for customers!
Service concept: love-oriented, customer requirements as the center!
Quality concept: standard determines the standard, character determines the product!
Employing philosophy: excellent talents are the most favorable, mediocre talents are the most expensive!
Implementation philosophy: no conditions, no excuses, no impossible!
Action concept: everything must take the initiative to attack, passive will not have any harvest!
Growth philosophy: there is no unfair treatment, only unfair ability;
There is no unfair ability, only unfair learning!

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To achieve customer goals

Driven by innovation and development

Based on employee happiness

To benefit the society as its own responsibility

01. Responsible

Responsible to oneself, responsible to the enterprise, responsible to the user, responsible to the society.

02. Innovation

Science and technology achievements quality, innovation cast the future.

03. Loyalty

Be faithful to your business, be faithful to your business, be faithful to the choices you make.

04. Passion

Do it today, do it now.

05. Focus

Because focus, so professional.

06. Team

Clear division of labor, cooperation without gaps, to create an elite team.

07. Teaching and learning

Clear division of labor, cooperation without gaps, to create an elite team.

08. Be steadfast and not pompous

Work diligently and steadfastly.