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Jiangsu Hippo Well Co., Ltd. Social Responsibility Report 2022

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This report refers to the GRI (Global Report Initiative) "Sustainability Report Guide" (G3 Edition), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "China Corporate Social Responsibility Report Preparation Guide", and combines Jiangsu Hippo Well Co., Ltd.'s unique understanding of social responsibility And the company's specific practices are compiled.

Report Overview
This report refers to the GRI (Global Report Initiative) "Sustainability Report Guide" (G3 Edition), the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences "China Corporate Social Responsibility Report Preparation Guide", and combines Jiangsu Hippo Well Co., Ltd.'s unique understanding of social responsibility And the company's specific practices are compiled.
Report Scope
Unless otherwise specified, this report mainly describes the work of Jiangsu Hippo Well Co., Ltd. in the company's operation, internal control management, development planning, supply chain, talent construction and other aspects from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The report covers the company's in-operation businesses such as plastic inspection wells, rainwater well pipe trench integration, and constructed wetland module. Company address: No.28 Nanhu West Road, Wujin High-tech Zone, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Postal Code: 213164
Tel: 0519-86531216
Fax: 0519-86531216
1. Company Profile
Jiangsu Hema Well Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 with a registered capital of 72.42 million yuan and an area of 120000 square meters. It started with mold manufacturing and has more than 30 years of rich experience in mold development. The company is located in Wujin National High-tech Development Zone, Changzhou City, Yangtze River Delta. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, production and sales of green rain and sewage system products. It is the inventor of China's plastic inspection wells and the maker of industry standards, china Plastics Processing Industry Association plastic pipe special committee director unit, inspection wells and plastic pipe fittings working group leader unit. Is the leader of the plastic inspection well industry, leading the development of the industry forward direction.
The company's main products are plastic inspection wells, buried drainage, building drainage pipes, modular constructed wetlands, purification tanks, etc., forming the core technology projects: well pipe trench integrated drainage system, rainwater control and comprehensive utilization system, sponge city modular storage infiltration technology, sewage treatment and purification system.
Hema well has introduced talents, and has successively established "Jiangsu postdoctoral innovation practice base", "Jiangsu large plastic inspection well engineering technology center", "Jiangsu enterprise technology center", "China Europe constructed wetland technology research and development center", "graduate workstation", "post doctoral scientific research workstation (Wujin national high tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee sub station)" and other technology research and development institutions. Many of the company's products have been identified as "Changzhou High-tech Products" and "Jiangsu High-tech Products". On the basis of solid research and development, the company's research on "key technologies and applications of high-precision injection molding for plastic inspection wells based on hot runner valve pouring" won the "second prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award". The company has been invited to represent the industry to participate in the "World Plastic Pipe Conference" and speak, highly recognized by the world counterparts, to the company to discuss cooperation.
The company edited 3 national standards and 2 industry standards. Among the non-local standards, 10 have been completed and 17 are being compiled. Among them, the first drafter's editor-in-chief "Test Method for Static Compression Instability of Thermoplastic Inspection Wells" GB/T39395-2020 and the industry standard "Plastic Inspection Wells for Drainage in Building Communities" CJ/T233-2016 have been promulgated and implemented.
At the same time, the company also won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" issued by the Water Supply and Drainage Professional Committee of Jiangsu Civil Architecture Society, the "Green Building Industry Demonstration Enterprise Grade Certificate" issued by the Science and Technology Development Center of Jiangsu Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, and the China Construction Metal Structure Association Water Supply and Drainage The Equipment Branch was rated as "National Water Supply and Drainage Industry Outstanding Contribution Enterprise" and "2019 Shanghai Chemical Building Material Pipeline Five-star Enterprise"; the company's products were awarded the "National Water Supply and Drainage Industry Brand".
In early 2020, during the epidemic, Hippo Well supported the construction of Shandong's "Xiaotangshan" hospital and contributed to the fight against the epidemic.
2. operation status
1. The company's main product is the well pipe trench integrated system product with plastic inspection wells as the main product, which has successfully split the new development direction of the domestic rain and sewage pipe network, and is now a product of the transformation of the materials of the traditional rain and sewage pipe network. The current production capacity of 1 million sets (meters) finished plastic inspection wells, pipes, drainage ditch integrated system products. Due to the core competitiveness of the company's plastic inspection wells, it has now become a leading domestic plastic inspection wells. Plastic inspection wells replace traditional brick wells, which can greatly reduce carbon emissions and meet energy conservation and emission reduction.
2, rainwater collection and comprehensive utilization system products, rainwater collection module as the core of the rainwater collection system is an important facility in the construction of China's sponge city. Now the annual production capacity of 20000 cubic meters. At present, it is the only domestic brand of rainwater module without quality collapse accident, and its technical level has reached the leading level in China. Because of its excellent product quality, it has become the designated brand of rainwater collection module in the sponge city construction of Daxing Airport and Heze Airport.
3. The original modular constructed wetland sewage treatment technology is a green, environmentally friendly, and low-energy ecological sewage treatment facility without drugs. It is an important and indispensable key facility in the construction of sewage, river water, tap water, and ecological recycling. It is the "China-Europe Constructed Wetland Technology Research and Development Center" by our company, and it is also an important carbon reduction technology facility for carbon gale and carbon neutrality. At present, the world's largest original modular artificial wetland sewage treatment facility led by our company has landed in Nanjing. After wetland treatment, the tail water from the front-end kitchen wastewater has changed from a single physical and chemical water state to a physical, chemical and microbial balance of ecological water and replenished to the Wanshou River.
3. Organization Chart


4. technology innovation
1. Technical management
In the long-term development, the company has built a R & D team around materials, technology, quality and market application, and formed a relatively complete independent R & D and technological innovation system with basic R & D, product development and market transformation as the core, which promotes the rapid upgrading of products and technologies, and constantly transforms R & D achievements into customer value as soon as possible, So as to establish the core competitive advantage to support the sustainable development of enterprises.
The company is the inventor of plastic inspection wells in China, and the plastic inspection wells developed by authoritative experts in the domestic industry are praised as "China's first well". Due to its outstanding contribution to the pipeline industry, it has been invited to participate in plastic pipe conferences for four consecutive times and made academic reports. The company's technical level is at the international advanced level. The company currently has 92 valid patents, 25 invention patents, 64 utility models, 2 appearance patents and 1 PCT patent.
The company is China Plastics Processing Industry Association plastic pipe special committee director unit, inspection wells and plastic pipe fittings working group leader unit. The company consists of post-doctoral workstations in Jiangsu Province, postgraduate workstations, China-Europe Constructed Wetland Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Plastic Manhole Engineering Technology Center, and postgraduate workstations. Among them, the China-Europe Artificial Wetland Research and Development Center is an artificial wetland research organization jointly established by the IWA International Water Association Artificial Wetland Expert Committee and Hippo Well Co., Ltd. The R & D team company adheres to "scientific and technological innovation" and has cultivated and created a dynamic team of high-end scientific and technological talents, including first-class talents in various professional directions of mechanical mold design, polymer material molding and water supply and drainage. The team has rich experience and advanced concepts. Strong technological innovation capabilities. The company conducts scientific project management through the project responsibility system, and has formulated a scientific talent training, talent selection, and talent introduction mechanism, and has achieved a group of project service personnel who can recruit and fight well and have excellent technology. The company has 241 employees, including 36 R & D and design personnel, accounting for 14.94 of the total number of employees; the company has 12 technical service personnel, accounting for 5% of the total number of employees. R & D personnel and designers in the high-tech 1, 29 engineers. The company has 1 doctor, 4 master's degree, 28 people with bachelor's degree or above, accounting for 13.69 of the total number of employees.
The company attaches great importance to the construction of technical personnel, through the introduction, recruitment, training and other ways, a large number of talents are increased every year. The enterprise has maintained long-term industry-university-research cooperation with Xi'an University of Technology, Sichuan University, Jiangsu University and other universities to build a collaborative and efficient platform for the introduction of human resources and technical cooperation. Do a good job in party building, adhere to Do not forget your initiative mind, keep in mind the mission, and provide ideological guidance and organizational guarantee for the high-quality development of enterprises with high-quality party building work.


2. Intellectual property work
The company currently has 92 valid patents, including 25 invention patents, 64 utility models, 2 appearance patents and 1 PCT invention patent. "Hippo" trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark.


5. credit construction
The company has now become a leading enterprise focusing on the collection, treatment, storage and utilization of rain and sewage systems, integrating design, research and development, production, sales and installation services. The main product plastic inspection wells have a domestic market share of more than 10%. The leading enterprise in the plastic inspection well industry. In addition, the company took the lead in starting the sponge city construction concept in China in 2016, aiming to build a world-class rain and sewage collection, treatment, storage and utilization service provider, and successively created industry benchmark projects for customers (Beijing Olympic Village, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Heze Airport, Daxing Airport), forming a greater influence in the industry.
The company has always carried out the credit management work as an important work content of the company's daily management. The company has always adhered to the principle of honesty and letter to welcome customers, which has been positively evaluated and fully trusted by the majority of customers. The quality, service and brand of Hippo well have won a high reputation among the majority of users, and the company's Hippo brand has won the "China well-known trademark". The product has won honors such as "China Green Star", "China Green Energy-saving Building Materials Department Brand", "Beijing Olympic Green Building Outstanding Contribution Enterprise", "Top Ten Quality Suppliers", and "Green Building Energy-saving Recommended Products.
The company will transform the advanced credit management concept into the consensus of all employees, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of credit construction, and show the company's integrity quality to the society. Also compared to the standard, improve the promotion. In strict accordance with the objectives and tasks of the construction of the enterprise credit system, we will make every effort to promote credit management. Mobilize and organize all employees of the company to comprehensively carry out credit management standards, establish and improve the company's credit management system, focus on the company's trustworthy requirements in production and operation, take sales as the starting point to lead the majority of employees to continuously and solidly carry out credit standards construction. In the process of credit construction system construction, the company has won the titles of "contract-abiding and credit-worthy enterprise" and "Jiangsu industrial enterprise quality credit AAA.




6. environmental protection and saving
1 Environmental Management
Establish a special management agency, improve the environmental management system and incorporate it into normal management, record the operating data of environmental protection facilities and establish environmental protection files. Establish and improve the environmental pollution accident emergency plan, and organize regular drills. Focus on the control of important environmental factors and unacceptable hazard sources, abide by laws and regulations, and no safety and environmental accidents occur throughout the year.
2. Resource conservation and comprehensive utilization
The company strictly implements the national and government policies on energy conservation, laws and regulations, and various procedures, regulations, rules and regulations of energy conservation technology supervision, carries out scientific energy conservation management, and carries out energy conservation work at different levels. The company strengthens production technology and equipment management, makes full use of various resources and energy, and improves the utilization rate of raw materials and energy. In the aspect of comprehensive utilization of waste, we should implement the concept of circular economy of resource reduction, reuse and resource utilization, and establish a circular economy system of "resource-production-product-consumption-waste reuse.
3. Environmental protection and saving project
The company's products have passed the ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and "China environmental labeling products" system certification.
Through the system construction, the management ability of environmental management and occupational health and safety of employees has been enhanced. Establish a special management agency, improve the environmental management system and incorporate it into normal management, record the operating data of environmental protection facilities and establish environmental protection files. Establish and improve the environmental pollution accident emergency plan, and organize regular drills. Strengthen the management of production technology and equipment, make full use of all kinds of resources and energy, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and energy, produce no or less waste, and establish a circular economy system of "resources-production-products-consumption-waste reuse. If the pollution problem can be solved through maintenance and replacement of equipment, it is necessary to stop production for maintenance and replacement of equipment in time. Focus on the control of important environmental factors and unacceptable hazard sources, abide by laws and regulations, and no safety and environmental accidents occur throughout the year.
4. Resource conservation and comprehensive utilization
Strict measurement and accounting is implemented within the company, energy measurement, statistical analysis and evaluation system is formulated, and energy measurement is included in the company's energy management system. In order to strengthen scientific energy-saving management, a three-level energy-saving management network from the company, workshop, and team has been established and perfected, and energy conservation work has been carried out at different levels. Strictly implement the national and government policies, laws and regulations on energy conservation, and various procedures, regulations, rules and regulations for energy conservation technology supervision. Further establish and improve the supervision mechanism and responsibility, reward and punishment system, and implement the decomposition on a monthly basis. Strengthen the basic management of energy, water, coal, electricity (steam) and other energy and media, by tracking the trajectory of energy flow, breaking the conventional energy balance mode, using dynamic non-equilibrium theory, re-layout optimization of the energy system, to achieve the production process from reliable, controllable operation to economic operation of the transformation. It ensures that all links can timely, accurately and scientifically grasp various data such as the operating status and usage of various energy and energy media.
The renewal and transformation of production technology plays a vital role in energy consumption. In recent years, the company has added a set of "scissors hand" technology to the injection molding machine in the injection molding workshop through technological transformation. Through technological transformation, it has reduced manual participation and improved product efficiency. Production makes the production process green, clean, flexible and intelligent. While the production efficiency continues to improve, it greatly reduces energy consumption and promotes the large cycle of society with the small cycle of the enterprise, A long-term management mechanism for energy conservation and environmental protection has been formed, and the environmental situation has been significantly improved. The company assesses suppliers, gives priority to the procurement of materials provided by suppliers who have passed the environmental management system certification, gives priority to the procurement of green materials, and fulfills the social responsibility of environmental protection.
7. safety production
1. Safety production management
The company adheres to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first. Gradually implement modern safety management, pay attention to the safety and health of employees in operation, establish a company's safety production leading group, a clear safety centralized management department, and full-time safety management personnel. The company's safety production management network is sound, and the responsibilities of functional departments are clear. The safety production responsibility system and safety production management system at all levels have been improved and obtained the "Safety Production Standardization Certificate" issued by Changzhou Safety Production Supervision and Administration Bureau.
2. Safety production input
The company formulates and strictly implements the safety production budget according to the requirements of national laws and regulations, formulates emergency plans and conducts drills, and organizes the implementation of safety improvement projects. Invest funds annually to provide employees with the safety resources they need, including personal protective equipment, labor protection articles, etc., to prevent occupational injuries, diseases and accidents, as well as to deal with emergencies. According to the safety requirements of "strengthening management and control, preventing theft and separation of people and vehicles", it provides technical guarantee for protecting the property safety of enterprises, protecting the vital interests of employees, maintaining the normal operation and management order of enterprises, and improving the safety management level of enterprises.
3. Safety production education and training
Employees are the most valuable wealth of an enterprise. The development of an enterprise cannot be separated from employees. Our company has always regarded safe production and labor protection of employees as the top priority in all work, and effectively safeguarded the life safety and occupational health of employees. In order to further strengthen the safety work of the enterprise, create a good atmosphere of "safety management, everyone is responsible", and establish the ideology of safety as the day, the company's personnel department and relevant departments held the launching ceremony of the 2022 "Safety Production Month" activity, combined with the development of "Safety Production Month" safety knowledge education, assessment and evaluation "activities, to promote the company's safety production work to a new level. This activity adheres to the main line of "safety hidden danger investigation and management", constantly consolidates the safety foundation, carries out in-depth investigation and management of hidden dangers and safety supervision, publicizes the principles and policies of production safety, and combines the activities of "high quality and good price", "five members" and "effective plan management" carried out by the company, so as to make the safety production management deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, further improve the safety awareness and responsibility awareness of all cadres and employees, and form a consensus of "safe production, people-oriented.
8. employee
1. Labor contract and remuneration
The company adheres to the people-oriented, pays attention to various aspects to promote the career development of employees, strives to create conditions and innovative mechanisms, builds a platform for employee career and career development, and promotes the common development of employees and the company.
The company regards the full implementation of the "Labor Law" and "Labor Contract Law" as an important part of the company's full performance of social responsibilities, insists on incorporating labor relations management into the strategic management of the enterprise, and strives to build a harmonious enterprise with labor relations.
The company strictly abides by and fully implements the "the People's Republic of China Labor Contract Law" and other laws and regulations, signs written labor contracts with employees in accordance with the principles of legality, fairness, equality and voluntariness, and performs, modifies, terminates and terminates labor contracts in accordance with the law. The labor contract signing rate was 100 per cent. The company formulates a fair and reasonable salary system, pays employees in full and on time, and provides certain allowances, subsidies or year-end incentive funds for different positions. Following the principle of synchronous improvement of enterprise operating efficiency and employee income, according to the annual business objectives of the enterprise, combined with the wage growth guidelines promulgated by this city, and compared with the labor cost of the same industry and the wage guidance price of the labor market, determine the annual average wage growth rate. Due to the needs of production and operation, the arrangement of overtime work shall be subject to the consent of the employees and the relevant remuneration shall be paid in accordance with the national labor laws and regulations.
2. Social security
The company pays social insurance such as pension, unemployment insurance and medical insurance for employees on time and in full according to law.
3. Employee benefits
The responsibility for employees is to make all employees work safely and live happily, which reflects the corporate culture of "employee care. In order to enrich the employees' spare time life, the company also organizes and plans various types of activities. In order to enrich the employees' spare time life, the company also organizes and plans various types of activities, such as tug-of-war competition, table tennis competition and badminton competition. Active and enrich the staff spare time life, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to learn, enhance the cohesion of everyone, in the company formed a good learning atmosphere. The responsibility to employees is to make all employees safe, healthy, happy and rich. The company's trade union is responsible for caring about the lives of employees and doing good things for the masses. The trade union members make their care "home". Every year, the trade union of the company will allocate part of the funds to express sympathy to the employees who are in service and have retired, and carefully understand the actual working conditions and thoughts of the employees, so as to solve the problems of the employees. In order to better serve the employees, the company's trade union actively organized and planned a series of special activities. For example, on this year's "March 8th Women's Day", the company will distribute free washing products for female employees; the company will distribute holiday condolences on traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival.
In order to better serve employees, summer products such as shampoo, towel, laundry detergent and soap will be distributed to employees in high-temperature summer. At the same time, ten drops of water, Lei Xiang Zhengqi water, wind oil essence and other heatstroke prevention and cooling drugs will be distributed, as well as heatstroke prevention and cooling measures such as cold fans, ice drinks, mung bean soup and cooling ice cubes. Through the development of a series of activities, let employees fully feel the company's humanistic care, so that the concept of "factory home" deep into the hearts of employees.
Through the selection and commendation activities of advanced collectives, advanced individuals and trade union activists, we should publicize the excellent deeds of employees, carry forward the enterprise spirit embodied in employees, and cultivate the sentiment of employees through intangible factors such as spirit, concept and tradition, and cultivate the group consciousness of employees and good common customs and morals.
4. Occupational Health and Safety
The company has established a GBT-45001-2020 occupational health and safety system. Pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees, and arrange for the detection of occupational health and environmental factors in the plant every year. According to the test results to further improve the protective measures. The company arranges health check-ups and special health check-ups for employees every year, and cares about the health status of employees in a timely manner.
5 Democratic management
The company establishes a collective wage negotiation mechanism in accordance with the law, and conducts equal consultations on related major issues, such as: wage adjustment mechanism, incentive wages, overtime wages, minimum wage levels, etc.; before the introduction of various reform measures involving the interests of employees, insist on convening The employee representative assembly will be implemented after it is approved by voting. The company encourages employees to participate in democratic management in many ways. Such as: the system of workers' congress, democratic appraisal of leading cadres, employee complaints, general manager's suggestion box, etc.
6, Staff Training and Development
Carry out all-round, multi-level and systematic education and training. The company divides the training content into four types: academic training, induction training, professional training and management training, and divides the training form into four types: open class, internal training, practical training and certificate training. For manufacturing site personnel, a series of activities and trainings are carried out for different positions, such as safety production training, team leader training, job skills training, academic training, etc.
Every year, the company regularly appoints technical and management backbones to participate in various external skills training, so that they can strive for perfection, improve themselves and increase their knowledge.
9. social responsibility
While the company is committed to its own development, it should also actively fulfill its social responsibility, enhance its competitive advantage with more socially responsible organizational behavior, and strive to become an excellent corporate citizen. While the company is committed to building an excellent enterprise, it pays more attention to giving back to the society; while creating the economic value of the enterprise, it also strives to create social value.
1-Public responsibility
(1) Identify and control the impact of the company's products, services and operations on society.
Through the collection, collation and analysis of public feedback, the company identifies the possible impact of the company's products, services and operations on society, and provides support for the company to actively manage and control products and production safety, energy and resource consumption and public health. The company pays attention to and cares about public issues closely watched by the public, and applies the analysis, prediction and collected danger signal data to the improvement of products, services and transportation, and integrates product safety, safe production, public health, energy and resource consumption, and environmental Pollution issues are included in the controllable range.
(2) Establish key risk processes to eliminate all concerns.
The company accurately grasps the laws and regulations, standards, policy trends and the focus of public attention. Through the methods of information collection of industry associations, consultation of professional research institutions, and public surveys, the company organizes analysis and demonstration, and listens to the opinions and suggestions of government agencies and industry experts. It is concluded that the current public concern is mainly product safety, energy saving and consumption reduction, and environmental protection. In the face of key risks, the company actively responds to eliminate all aspects of hidden worries.
(3) Identify and assess risks and continuously improve them under the premise of legal compliance.
In order to more comprehensively identify and obtain the requirements of laws and regulations, the company has taken various measures to deal with the possible problems in the above-mentioned links. The company conducts management review every year. The responsible department submits a summary report on the management and control of safety and environment-related factors. The Comprehensive Management Department submits a summary report on the company's compliance with laws and regulations. The report is submitted to the company's middle level and above for review, and suggestions for improvement are put forward. The general manager office will follow up the implementation of the improvement.
In accordance with the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, the company has formulated more comprehensive operating procedures in terms of safety, environment, quality and energy saving. In terms of measurement methods, it combines self-inspection and self-test, social supervision measurement, and third-party measurement. While complying with national regulations and industry standards, it is controlled with high standards.
2. Ethical behavior
(1) Strictly abide by the code of integrity and build an organizational credit system
The leadership of the company attaches great importance to the publicity and education of laws and regulations, abides by business ethics, and advocates "being a man first, then doing things". The company requires all employees: the premise of doing our job well is that each of us is a moral and trustworthy citizen, and requires that all aspects of the company's products in the realization process are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and our personnel are ethical and trustworthy in their daily behaviors. At any time, they will not be the receivers of corrupt and immoral behaviors, let alone the initiators of corrupt and immoral behaviors, any individual found to have unethical and untrustworthy behavior will be punished accordingly.
The company highlights the exemplary and leading role of leading cadres in ethics, requires all leading cadres to abide by ethics in their work and life, and encourages employees to supervise the words and deeds of personnel at all levels and the integrity of the company through various platforms of the company.
The company forms a good ethical atmosphere through open and transparent affairs; at the same time, it clarifies the company's position and requirements in terms of norms to the majority of suppliers, and urges internal staff and cadres to comply with ethical requirements through external pressure.

(2) Standardizing ethical behavior, embodying core values, respecting contracts, keeping promises, stressing ethics, abiding by laws and disciplines, and providing consumers with high-quality products and services are the basic yardsticks to measure the ethical standards of enterprises. Formulate a number of regulations on the integrity of leading cadres in order to improve the moral and management level of middle-level leaders.
3. Public welfare support
The company's senior management attaches great importance to public welfare activities, and combined with the company's development strategy, in the company's strategic planning, to make special planning and special funds for systematic public welfare activities. Company leaders set an example to actively participate in social public welfare activities. As a company with a strong sense of social responsibility, in recent years, the company has actively participated in various public welfare undertakings, has the courage to assume more social responsibilities while developing the company, dedicates love with specific actions, gives back and benefits to the society, and is committed to building a harmonious society.

Summary Table of Public Welfare Behavior of the Company Over the Years


Time Content Amount (CNY)
2019 Wujin District Charity Federation Wujin High-tech Zone Charity Funds 20000 yuan
2019 Changzhou Wujin District Guangcai Career Promotion Association Hutang Town Tongxin Huimin Guangcai Fund 100000 yuan
2019 Nanxiashu Middle School (starting from 2019, for 5 consecutive years) Charity and Public Welfare 50000 yuan
2020 Changzhou Wujin District Guangcai Career Promotion Association Hutang Epidemic Prevention and Control Charity Fund 20000 yuan
2020 Changzhou Wujin District Guangcai Career Promotion Association Hutang Town Tongxin Huimin Guangcai Fund 10000 yuan
2020 Changzhou Wujin District Guangcai Career Promotion Association Nanxiashu Junior High School Teaching Management Award 10000 yuan
2020 Changzhou Wujin District Guangcai Career Promotion Association Minghuang Primary School Education Equipment Promotion Funds 50000 yuan
2020 Wujin High-tech Zone (starting from 2020, for 5 consecutive years) Charity and Public Welfare Expenses 100000 yuan
2020 Wujin District Charity Federation Wujin High-tech Zone Charity Funds 20000 yuan
2021 Wujin District Charity Federation Wujin High-tech Zone Charity Funds 20000 yuan