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Inspection well anti-falling grid

Hippo ID500 hand hole well is composed of three parts: manhole cover, wellbore and well seat. Each component is formed by injection molding and extrusion process. The interior of the manhole cover is designed with reinforcing ribs, and the top surface is designed into a slope shape from the center to the extension, which is convenient for drainage around. The socket type similar to the thermos cup type is used to connect with the wellbore to ensure complete sealing. The opening elevation marking line is designed on the outer wall of the well seat, and the appropriate height opening can be selected according to the elevation of the water pipe on the construction site. The diameter of the well seat is 500mm, the arm length of the construction personnel is generally 650mm, and the height of the well seat is suitable for the construction personnel to open holes in the well. The height can be adjusted through the shaft, and the installation is convenient and quick. There is a triangular support platform at the connection between the wellbore socket and the wellbore; the surface of the wellbore is provided with a uniformly distributed stiffener structure, and the bottom of the well seat is provided with a mesh stiffener structure, which can protect the well seat.

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Product Description

Product Introduction

The anti-falling grid consists of a supporting grid and a connecting piece. The supporting grid plate is made of polymer alloy material by one-time injection molding.
The perimeter of the supporting grid is provided with an integrally formed metal skeleton to ensure the overall stress stability of the anti-falling grid.
The connecting piece is in the form of a mountaineering buckle chain mountaineering buckle expansion screw (as shown in the picture).
The chain length can be selected according to the actual situation. The material of the chain can be selected according to the application environment of carbon steel (Dacrometal surface treatment) or 304 stainless steel.


Product Features

1, high strength
The mesh support grid is made of polymer alloy material, which has high elastic modulus, high tensile strength and good impact resistance.
2. Strong bearing capacity
The static load performance is greater than 200KG, and the ultimate load can bear the weight of 5 adults.
3. Safe and reliable
Professional industrial design of the product, through the simulation calculation and laboratory testing double guarantee, can guarantee the full size of the foot to stand smoothly.
4. Easy to install and disassemble
The firm mountaineering buckle can be installed and removed, which is very convenient.
5, long service life
The anti-falling grid and connector materials are corrosion-resistant, acid and alkali-resistant, and can adapt to various complex application environments, with a mission life of more than 30 years.

Specifications, models and performance requirements

1. Specifications and models

Specifications and models
Nominal diameter
Actual diameter
Nominal thickness
Actual thickness
Anti-falling grid 550*20
540 10mm
Anti-falling grid 450*20
440 10mm

2. Key performance requirements
(1) Implementation standard: Q/320412 HM017-2022;
(2) Load: not less than 2KN; Impact resistance: sandbags with a mass of (100±1)kg, free fall with a height of 300mm, no cracks;
(3) The anti-falling grid plate shall be provided with water holes to resist the backlash of the drainage pipeline.



1. Placement of warning facilities
2. Open the manhole cover
3. Toxic and harmful gas detection
4. Install expansion screws
5. Install anti-falling grid plate
6. Testing after installation
7. Close the manhole cover

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